Creation of applied programs - programming

In many cases for successful and effective functioning of the company it is not enough the functions of standard programs maintenance which is intended for the general usage and it is not adapted particularly for your business. Because of inconveniences, such as inconvenient arrangements of fields, search and filtration restriction, shortage or incompleteness of reports which arise at use of standard programs, it slows working process, increases the time of search of the concrete information, a part of reports workers have to make in Excel. We offer the decision of this problem by creating the program which would intend to requirements of your company.
First of all we will analyze activity and requirements of your company and we will offer an initial variant of the program. At the second stage - at a creation stage, we will constantly inform on the reached results, the created modules will be shown to the customer. In parallel process of creation of new modules, already created modules can be changed by taking attention to a wish of the customer, also innovations can be realized which initially have not been provided. At the third stage, after delivery of the program, the customer is not left alone - if it is found out that there are errors in the program, we correct them, and if there is a requirement for new functions of the program, we will improve the program that it would met new requirements.

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